Sunday, April 12, 2009

fck this.

i dnt have time for this & fake ass peoples shit so...
now you dont have to worry about reading about any of my life
& bein all up in my fck'n buisness
because im ending this blogg.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

natick haul

okay. sooooo i went to the natick mall today.

i was sooo excited to go to sephora. but we didnt :

we went to dEliA*s & forever 21. my moms feet were

killing her & shes 9 months pregnant & could burst anyday

so we were only there for about 30 minutes. :/

once she has the baby ima have her all over the mall lol.

this is what i got at delias :

2 Harajuku tshirts, a RUN DMC shirt, & an MTV shirt.

it was buy one get one half off. :)

i also got two pairs of jeans.

a pair of riley ( flare ) & a pair of morgan ( straight )
that was like over $150, beleive it or not.

oh, i also got that grey-zebra print hoodie at delias.

but everything else here is from forever21.

i got 5 v-neck shirts there.

along with some accessorries. ( not pictured )

i got a really cute watch from there too.

it was $15. $80 less than the baby-g that i lost :/

i also go that bohemian beach spray shit

that everyones talking about.

i love it . it makes my hair wavy/curly and soft

& it smells like coconut :)

i spent like $300

Friday, April 3, 2009


has happened at all.
relationship isare fine.
we lost our first softball game.
shit happens.

its april so im putting up a new layoutt.
i also changed the url to:

the other was jst tooo long. :

Monday, March 30, 2009

in the end.

we always get back together.
everything is fixed now. he trusts me, i trust him.
its all good :) but, im sick & hes a work :/
so he can text me but thats about it.
until his lunch. he'll call me : )

im watching tough love. its actually a really good show.
it tells you what to do & what not to do when you're trying to find
a guy. idk. im going to go back to laying here, in bed, and drink my nice hot tea.
& boobie just called me. so ima talk to him :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

this sucks. / if you tweet !

soo, we were arguing too much and i just called it quits.
i realized that im not the same person. i havent been having
as much fun as i thought i would if i was single. but i think
we're getting back together tonight. we really want to work things out
and make it feel like the beginning of our relationship. when we were so happy with
eachother & so in love. the way we both want it.


& you want more followers, click this

you will get so much more. i just joined litterally 5 minutes ago
and i already have 10 friend requests.

but heres the link to my twitter;

Saturday, March 21, 2009


i havent posted in a week, it feels so weird.
its only cause everytime i want to go online my moms on the phone.
[ the double phone jack is broken, needa get a new one asap ]
butttt my life so far has been gay. heres my scheduale

615 - wakeup/get ready
700 - leave for school
720- school
230 [ extended day-4/2 ]/143[ fridays ] - out of school
230 - softball
500 - tanning [$5-7 is just great :) especially for a jet bed]
530 - home ; eating ; shower / get ready for the next day
8 - chill/phone
10 - boyfriend time till whenever i fall asleep on him lol

the wake up and do it again.

im so happy, its alot of work but its my thing
and i love it so i dont mindd.
im on two teams this year, im playing rec ball oo [ aka burkett ]
i cant beleive its been 12 years that i've been playing it...crazy

anywhoo. my mommys due in 3 weeks :)
bt he could be coming anyday noww. her friend just had her baby
last week & was supposed to be due on the 28th - so we have our
bags packed and ready forthe hospital at anytimee :)
its going to be so weird having a new baby around since im an only child
but im going to treat him like my own, i told her that he was going to be my baby
so she never had to do anything but feed him lol. but she doesnt want me to feel like i
actually have to raise a child while im 16. i mean, can i live? lol

im sitting here watching house of style on mtv. its very inspiring.
i love the friendship bracelets that they made. im going to go to
a.c. moore to get the suppliess. maybe ill sell them that would be cute.
put some extra money in the pocket :)

okay this is getting way too long. ill just stop now ;)

Monday, March 16, 2009


softball was really good today. just
did the usual, batting & throwing.


damn :) i love him.