Monday, March 30, 2009

in the end.

we always get back together.
everything is fixed now. he trusts me, i trust him.
its all good :) but, im sick & hes a work :/
so he can text me but thats about it.
until his lunch. he'll call me : )

im watching tough love. its actually a really good show.
it tells you what to do & what not to do when you're trying to find
a guy. idk. im going to go back to laying here, in bed, and drink my nice hot tea.
& boobie just called me. so ima talk to him :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

this sucks. / if you tweet !

soo, we were arguing too much and i just called it quits.
i realized that im not the same person. i havent been having
as much fun as i thought i would if i was single. but i think
we're getting back together tonight. we really want to work things out
and make it feel like the beginning of our relationship. when we were so happy with
eachother & so in love. the way we both want it.


& you want more followers, click this

you will get so much more. i just joined litterally 5 minutes ago
and i already have 10 friend requests.

but heres the link to my twitter;

Saturday, March 21, 2009


i havent posted in a week, it feels so weird.
its only cause everytime i want to go online my moms on the phone.
[ the double phone jack is broken, needa get a new one asap ]
butttt my life so far has been gay. heres my scheduale

615 - wakeup/get ready
700 - leave for school
720- school
230 [ extended day-4/2 ]/143[ fridays ] - out of school
230 - softball
500 - tanning [$5-7 is just great :) especially for a jet bed]
530 - home ; eating ; shower / get ready for the next day
8 - chill/phone
10 - boyfriend time till whenever i fall asleep on him lol

the wake up and do it again.

im so happy, its alot of work but its my thing
and i love it so i dont mindd.
im on two teams this year, im playing rec ball oo [ aka burkett ]
i cant beleive its been 12 years that i've been playing it...crazy

anywhoo. my mommys due in 3 weeks :)
bt he could be coming anyday noww. her friend just had her baby
last week & was supposed to be due on the 28th - so we have our
bags packed and ready forthe hospital at anytimee :)
its going to be so weird having a new baby around since im an only child
but im going to treat him like my own, i told her that he was going to be my baby
so she never had to do anything but feed him lol. but she doesnt want me to feel like i
actually have to raise a child while im 16. i mean, can i live? lol

im sitting here watching house of style on mtv. its very inspiring.
i love the friendship bracelets that they made. im going to go to
a.c. moore to get the suppliess. maybe ill sell them that would be cute.
put some extra money in the pocket :)

okay this is getting way too long. ill just stop now ;)

Monday, March 16, 2009


softball was really good today. just
did the usual, batting & throwing.


damn :) i love him.


this IS the worst time of the month.
found this on someones blog.
thought it would be funny to
just see it from a cartoon point of view.
i think its funny, but in a sick kind of way. lol

no homo nigga.

this shit is mad old.
i just find it hilarious

Sunday, March 15, 2009

mhm, yepp.

im eating cheez-its & im laying here, watching fantasy factory. AND being tan : )
i finally went tanning today. it was only $5.00 for 10 minutes.
i was psyched. ima start to go tanning like all the time now.
it used to be a $1.50 for every minute or something like that
since my dress is strapless,
i only went with my cute lil panties on.
(its kinda dirty & disgusting to take them off)
so now i have a sexy tanline haha.
i have to go like, 3 more times
to get the perfect color
that will make my dress look abosolutly stunning.
i've been tanning before, but that
was before corey brought up
the final destination thing.
i was so scared to close my eyes
but, it felt good to just take a nice, little nap
--the parade was wack today.
nobody was there. its the same thing every year
but next year is going to be poppin'
because ima be in it for
softball because were going to be
state champs.
i cant wait for the spanish festival : )

Saturday, March 14, 2009

yes !

the internet is back !
so excited.
now i can post every day. :)
last night i went shopping at walmart. i got:

an orange body pillow
Tupperware draws for makeup
green nail polish
& silver nail art pen

Thursday, March 12, 2009

i hate this so much..

not being able to post almost everyday.
my mom disconnected my internet till
l o c k d o w n is over.
which is in.... 5 days :)
im so excited. i just want to chill &
be with my friends all weeked.
--nothing exciting happend since
my last post.

except for the team pizza party at coaches house.
my whole team walked to his house on monday.
MIND YOU that its was snowing likecrazy
AND it was extended day.

thats another thing, extended day.
umm - horrible idea ?
i rather just go saturdays and skip
than go for 45 minutes extra.
stupid people ugh.

i started whitening my teeth on thursday.
& they say to do it every other day.
and i have & my teeth look stunning :)
not that they were yellow or anything
i just want them to be flawlessly(is that a word ?) white.

this weekend im going tanning.
im going to semi & my dress is a pretty yellow color
sooo i cannot be pale.
YES i know im half [close-to it] black
but that dont mean im dark skinned.
my white side comes out in the winter
& i get white as a ghoosttt.
& white with yellow? - just dont go together :)

uhg i really want my internet back
but thats all ive got to say.
for now

Friday, March 6, 2009


so yeah ive been grounded but im at
my grandmas house so i can use the computer.

wensday night i got my phone back.
and my lover&I worked everything out.
i finally told my mom about us. she wasnt surprised.

i love my grandma. she bought me the
ed hardy perfume that i wanted.
shes so cute :)
& the otherday i got this kohl eyeliner
by HIP & it works just like my old MAC.
im in love :)
-HIP works almost as good as MAC.
my MAC almost all ran out :|
ima switchover, just cause its like a million dollars
cheaper. & then i can just buy more of it :)

&btw, i love everything right now ;)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

oh my word.

its been love at first sight. i can never miss any of the shows because im afraid i might miss something that he did. sad right? just look at him ! look into his eyes tell me you dont see this sexy human being. oh my goooooodddd. his eyes are amazing, his body is amazing, hes just amazing.

does this make sense ?

my mother takes away my phone.
i bought my phone & i pay my own bill.
what is the need of taking my phone away ?
im VERY aggrivated. i DONT like this
at all.
on top of that, my boyfriend & i
got into a really bad arguement
& we really need to talk tonight.
im going to clean the house for my mom
just to get my phone back
& she better give it to me.
-yeah i know im spoiled but i pay
for the fcukn thing.
dees is bullsheet

Monday, March 2, 2009


tonight, my imidiate family went to my grandmothers house to celebrate her birthday. we had pizza and ice cream cake. it was really good :) me & my mom got her the EdHardy purfume. i was jelous cus i want it really bad. cus it smells great. its light & clean :).

after we ate, my cousins went into the other room & were playing and the conversation came up about my cousin. shes fourteen years old & shes addicted to marijuana & she pops pills. which isnt good at all for anyone let alone a fourteen year old. shes got caught with drugs, alcohol, & shes even had sex. i never thought that my little cousin could ever be somebody like that.

she buys from a garage & shes always with older men. like in there 20's, 30's. im horribly scared for her life. she could go missing one day & i could never see her ever agfain. im afraid that shes going to turn out like my friend who just got arrested for probably the fifth time within two years. he does crack/cocaine & pops X. i dont want my favorite cousin to turn out like him.

her mother lets her do anything she wants. & she gets away with everything. her father, which is my uncle, has tried numerous times to talk to her. she just wont listen.

i feel like taking her here. [ my house ] & teaching her a lesson. i want to beat her ass. knock some sense into her head. trufully. shes one of the fake white girls that thinks she puerto rican/black & shes "ghetto" and all that. its not like that at all. you live next to the greendale mall. you"re not ghetto. get that shit straight. DRUGS = NOT COOL. it can kill you. im not the type of girl that does any of that. i play sprts & i actually live my life the way it was ment to be. without drugs.

one day she went home sick as a dog because she smoked so much in the cold. i want to bring her to lakeside [the ghetto] or GBV. & see if she can survive by herself without anyone. i want to see what would happen if she was to walk down the 'bad' part of mainstreet & she gets shot. she wouldnt want to be in the ghetto anymore right?

one of my older cousin/uncles is a cop. i think it would be a good idea for him to just pop out of nowhere and arrest her. just to scare her & teach her that what shes doing is totally wrong.

im going to start an intervention. kinda like a T.I. thing....
thats my goal.

this was cute :)

i thought this was really cute today.

i took a screenshot of it earlier but i didnt put it up.but now i am. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss - today was my grandmothers & my aunts as well :)
“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life's realities.”- Dr. Seuss

Sunday, March 1, 2009

soooo, its march first.

i think its time for a new layout.