Sunday, April 5, 2009

natick haul

okay. sooooo i went to the natick mall today.

i was sooo excited to go to sephora. but we didnt :

we went to dEliA*s & forever 21. my moms feet were

killing her & shes 9 months pregnant & could burst anyday

so we were only there for about 30 minutes. :/

once she has the baby ima have her all over the mall lol.

this is what i got at delias :

2 Harajuku tshirts, a RUN DMC shirt, & an MTV shirt.

it was buy one get one half off. :)

i also got two pairs of jeans.

a pair of riley ( flare ) & a pair of morgan ( straight )
that was like over $150, beleive it or not.

oh, i also got that grey-zebra print hoodie at delias.

but everything else here is from forever21.

i got 5 v-neck shirts there.

along with some accessorries. ( not pictured )

i got a really cute watch from there too.

it was $15. $80 less than the baby-g that i lost :/

i also go that bohemian beach spray shit

that everyones talking about.

i love it . it makes my hair wavy/curly and soft

& it smells like coconut :)

i spent like $300

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