Friday, March 6, 2009


so yeah ive been grounded but im at
my grandmas house so i can use the computer.

wensday night i got my phone back.
and my lover&I worked everything out.
i finally told my mom about us. she wasnt surprised.

i love my grandma. she bought me the
ed hardy perfume that i wanted.
shes so cute :)
& the otherday i got this kohl eyeliner
by HIP & it works just like my old MAC.
im in love :)
-HIP works almost as good as MAC.
my MAC almost all ran out :|
ima switchover, just cause its like a million dollars
cheaper. & then i can just buy more of it :)

&btw, i love everything right now ;)

1 comment:

  1. my 1t time
    reading ur blog
    I saw that u were one of my followers
    i read like almost all of ur post lol
    ...... u remind me of myself
    ne ways thanks 4 the support(follower lol)
    just wanted u to know I read yalls blogs as well.
    glad to c all is well