Sunday, March 15, 2009

mhm, yepp.

im eating cheez-its & im laying here, watching fantasy factory. AND being tan : )
i finally went tanning today. it was only $5.00 for 10 minutes.
i was psyched. ima start to go tanning like all the time now.
it used to be a $1.50 for every minute or something like that
since my dress is strapless,
i only went with my cute lil panties on.
(its kinda dirty & disgusting to take them off)
so now i have a sexy tanline haha.
i have to go like, 3 more times
to get the perfect color
that will make my dress look abosolutly stunning.
i've been tanning before, but that
was before corey brought up
the final destination thing.
i was so scared to close my eyes
but, it felt good to just take a nice, little nap
--the parade was wack today.
nobody was there. its the same thing every year
but next year is going to be poppin'
because ima be in it for
softball because were going to be
state champs.
i cant wait for the spanish festival : )

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