Monday, March 2, 2009


tonight, my imidiate family went to my grandmothers house to celebrate her birthday. we had pizza and ice cream cake. it was really good :) me & my mom got her the EdHardy purfume. i was jelous cus i want it really bad. cus it smells great. its light & clean :).

after we ate, my cousins went into the other room & were playing and the conversation came up about my cousin. shes fourteen years old & shes addicted to marijuana & she pops pills. which isnt good at all for anyone let alone a fourteen year old. shes got caught with drugs, alcohol, & shes even had sex. i never thought that my little cousin could ever be somebody like that.

she buys from a garage & shes always with older men. like in there 20's, 30's. im horribly scared for her life. she could go missing one day & i could never see her ever agfain. im afraid that shes going to turn out like my friend who just got arrested for probably the fifth time within two years. he does crack/cocaine & pops X. i dont want my favorite cousin to turn out like him.

her mother lets her do anything she wants. & she gets away with everything. her father, which is my uncle, has tried numerous times to talk to her. she just wont listen.

i feel like taking her here. [ my house ] & teaching her a lesson. i want to beat her ass. knock some sense into her head. trufully. shes one of the fake white girls that thinks she puerto rican/black & shes "ghetto" and all that. its not like that at all. you live next to the greendale mall. you"re not ghetto. get that shit straight. DRUGS = NOT COOL. it can kill you. im not the type of girl that does any of that. i play sprts & i actually live my life the way it was ment to be. without drugs.

one day she went home sick as a dog because she smoked so much in the cold. i want to bring her to lakeside [the ghetto] or GBV. & see if she can survive by herself without anyone. i want to see what would happen if she was to walk down the 'bad' part of mainstreet & she gets shot. she wouldnt want to be in the ghetto anymore right?

one of my older cousin/uncles is a cop. i think it would be a good idea for him to just pop out of nowhere and arrest her. just to scare her & teach her that what shes doing is totally wrong.

im going to start an intervention. kinda like a T.I. thing....
thats my goal.

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