Thursday, March 12, 2009

i hate this so much..

not being able to post almost everyday.
my mom disconnected my internet till
l o c k d o w n is over.
which is in.... 5 days :)
im so excited. i just want to chill &
be with my friends all weeked.
--nothing exciting happend since
my last post.

except for the team pizza party at coaches house.
my whole team walked to his house on monday.
MIND YOU that its was snowing likecrazy
AND it was extended day.

thats another thing, extended day.
umm - horrible idea ?
i rather just go saturdays and skip
than go for 45 minutes extra.
stupid people ugh.

i started whitening my teeth on thursday.
& they say to do it every other day.
and i have & my teeth look stunning :)
not that they were yellow or anything
i just want them to be flawlessly(is that a word ?) white.

this weekend im going tanning.
im going to semi & my dress is a pretty yellow color
sooo i cannot be pale.
YES i know im half [close-to it] black
but that dont mean im dark skinned.
my white side comes out in the winter
& i get white as a ghoosttt.
& white with yellow? - just dont go together :)

uhg i really want my internet back
but thats all ive got to say.
for now


  1. hey sweets! thanks for droppin by my blog xoxo

  2. hey, thanks for following my blog (:

    and i love yellow, definitely one of my favorite colors this season !