Tuesday, February 17, 2009

bella ?

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remember in breaking dawn when bella was
pregnant with renesmee ? bella was drained out,
the baby was stronger than her. & then
she died for like.... 10 minutes

i just got home from the hospital. my mother was there for
about six hours, getting fluids put into her body. everytime
she would get up to use the bathroom
[ which was every 5 minutes ]
she would throw up all of the liquid. it took lhee [ the baby ]
3 hours to get hydrated. the doctors said that it was a virus &
there was a girl next to us with the same thing.
i just think the babys starting to get too big. imean,
she's only 7 months pregnant & hes already like 19-20 inches long.
i was born at that...so hes only going to get bigger.

im just worried that somethings going to happen to her
during the delivery. cus we hear a whole
buch of stories like that right?
idk. i dont really want to think about it.
like what would happen and stuff.


  1. dont worry baby. everythings gonna work out to be just fineee. iLoveyou. ♥

  2. well your mom's not a vampire ;)
    she'll be finneeeee.

    & lee will probably js be really tall.
    no worriesss.