Wednesday, February 18, 2009


so last night at about, 11-12 i
get home from the hospital
& i decided to have something to eat, as i was
writing the "bella ?" blog.
it was some turkey soup that my mom made sunday
& it was really really good.
i was texting shaq, my friend. [ not shaq o'neil. lol ]
& fell asleep on him. sorry hun , :/
but anyways i woke up at about 2 because
mr. aaron called me
& i was like babe i really don't feel good so ima
just go back to sleep.
& that i would call him when i woke up
knowing that hes a morning person.
i dont know why. thats just weird.
so right when we hang up. i found myself
throwing up violentley
on the side of my bed,
[ because if i stood up, i would be on some exorcist '$&%^' ]
my turkey soup that tasted , MmMm good.
but not so much anymore.
so while i was cleaning up, i saw that i threw
up on my phonecharger.
& i know its pretty nasty but i still refuse to touch it.
ewhhhhhhh !
anyways, i've been home sick allday.
i havent thrown up
for about 12 hours now so thats okay.
i hope i get better. our first district game is coming up and
i MUST play.

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