Thursday, February 26, 2009

one last request.

& if i could have one last request...

the last thing you will ever have to do for me,
it would be to never tell those secrets i trusted you with.
everything that broke me, everything that bothered me,
everything that made me cry. i trusted you. and i know
that you're the one who said goodbye, the one who
made me cry the longest i ever have. but dont ever forget
what we used to be. the promises you swore to keep.
the things you said and how you felt while saying them.
i fell in love,my first love. maybe it wasnt even true.
but dont lie to me, because i know you felt it too.

- found this on witty. i used to feel that way
about a little somebody.
but don't get me wrong, im in love & im happy
and all but, its not the way i hoped it would be.

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