Friday, February 27, 2009

finally, not really.

today was the last day of basketball.
we lost our second district game by just about twenty.
it was basically a shitty game.

but anyways before my game i had fun
with my babes melissa & jeremyyy - we ain't chilled ina while
but its all good. we went to mingsss :) & then we were walking to naty's house
while he was saying something about putting "niggas" on.

but we found a sign that had NSW on it & i me, never hearing of such a thing,
asks what it is. mita came up with some bullshit sayin it was " Niggas Stay Working"
i was like wtf ? - shes mad weird, seriously. & jeremy was talking about tristan & his
snake, or as he say tarantula. i had to explain to him that tarantulas are spiders & no snakes.
no wonder why he 'went' to CSC. he lost all of his brain cells to drugs. hahaha
seriously lol. dumbass. i love him though. :)

when we were walking, it was like we was in a tornado.
it was warm and ODEE windy out. sand got in my shoe
somehow. we dont leave anywhere near a beach lol.

but now that basketballs over, i can get a steady job.
which will most likely be at lids in the auburn mall since my beautiful
cousin is the manager & she'll just put me on :)
i love her :) - her drunkass lol.

after natys cribboo, we went to africa
aka fabreez's crib. he lives in the house i used to live
in :( i was sad.
but i was CRYIN when jeremy called it africa
cus it smells like foofoo. *& shit. lol

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  1. shanice is your cousin? oh shit lol I love her :)
    but yeah Jermz is a funny kid. we used to be
    odeeee close, but then, as you said, he lost
    all his brain cells lol.