Friday, February 20, 2009


im kinda late on this post. everyone has this pic but omg this poor girl. like forreal. all the stories about the herpies & stuff, i kinda beleive now. look at her mouth. EWH! chris is on some bitchassness shit. he said he would never hit a girl. look what he did. he knocked her out & left her on the side of the road because of some ex-girlfriend shit. maybe he was cheating on her. because how can you be so defensive about something like that. thats not true, & fuck up your girl ? people say they're going to get back together. SHE'S going to be the stupid one. are you that sprung & in love that after he fucks your face up like that you're running back to him ? heelll no. i would not be. like i know its chris brown & hes fine & all that. but nah, im not going back to him. my mom said "well, maybe he was just defending himself. she IS from the islands & them chicks are crazy. she was prolly going after him with a knife." idk, so many stories are out there idk which one to beleive.

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