Tuesday, February 24, 2009

districts : day one.

i just got home. today was our first district game ( basketball ).
we won against milford, 54 - 49 .

it was SOOO intense. we were down in the first 14-8
& i thought it was going to be over. but we picked up our heads
and busted ASS. especially erika and jess with their blocks.
it was tied going into the fourth, 43-43 ( i think ; something like that )
& "shorty" got a three pointer & we were down.
tat-E got fouled twice & got 3/4 of her shots in.
krystal got her three & so did nonnie ( kiesha ).
the other team got a couple of layups & we were down again at one point. 47-46
but thats when krystal savede the day with her three
& then got fouled and made both of her shots in.
so excitingg

& thennn we won :)

- yetz & i almost perfected our pound-turn "benchie" handshake thingy.
we are too nice. yeeeeeaaaaaaah!

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