Friday, February 20, 2009

DOL night.

so the dolls went out tonight.
& we had mad funn. :)
first, we went to pizza palace
and mickey ate some big ass meal while the rest of us
had a small french fry. lol
we was ODEE loud with it.
and then a group of white boys came in
and we left lol. no offense to the white boys.

then our crazy asses, decided to WALK from
the pizza palace to the bowling ally.
thats worcester to auburn,
noticed i said walk yeah. it about
4 degrees out & we walked for 10 minutes in that mess.
& michaelea's DUMBASS wore some capri's
so you know her white leggs were red & purple when we got there lol.

when we got there at 730, it was jampacked.
so we made a lane reservation.
so in the meantime....we went pee.
& i attempted to walk into a stall. but
there was a plunger & i backed away lol.
the me & mita played the fast & furious game.
i got fourth place :)
we saw some girl. she was dressed mad weird.
she had a blue dress on. with black leggings & GOLD bootie-heels!
i mean the dress was cute & so were the shoes
her hair was a lil....fcked up too.

so while we was watching isadora
play dance dance revolution, these cute kids walked by
so mita screams mandown - thats our lil codeword
for a really cute kid. so we all agree & watch them
in slow motion.....

while were bowling,
the lane next to us were the white kids from
the pizza palace lol. they were chill.
& they made up dumb names for themselves on
their scorecards. one was called cumdumpster
so we called him that all night lol.

then the lights turn off for the
night bowl. all the neon lights & shit turn on.
it looked real hot lol.
so we turn around & the "cuties" was
sitting behind us. so we all look at eachother & smile.
mickey decided to wave them over.
but it was my turn. so i go & i get a spare.
isnt that some shit ?lol.

while it was the others time to bowl,
i was approched buy one of the "cuties"
and we start talking and laughing & becoming cool peoples.
so when we become cool peoples, he asks for my number
so i give it to him [ as friends ]. so we keep talking or
whatever. & his friend has the nerve to call me a rudeass.
it was funny. so we start joking around.
by this time its like, 945.

our bowling game was over, so
the kid that was trying to bag me, lets call him "lips".
cus his lips were hugee lol
we keep talking & stuff. i was leaning against the
lil pole that was on the side of our lane.
he picks up a ball & tries to bowl lol.
so he tries to be all cool & throws the ball
with like a lil curve or whatever. & its
a guttaaaaaa. haha.
that happend about 5 times till he hit the pins
& it wasnt even a strike lol. it was pretty funny.
but cute because he tried to impress me :)

then my mommy picked me up.
so i was kinda sad.
but i had a real funn night

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