Friday, February 13, 2009

my bestfriend.

the infamous mita-tas
we've been friends for about 5 years
but the last two years, we have become the closest friends.
we're with eachother everyday & i could never get sick of her.
we tell eachother anything & every detail about it. even if its the
smallest little thing.the only thing i keep from her is probably what her
boyfriend getsher as a surprise. theres no point cus he STILL tells her lol.
when were together, theres never a dry eye between us.
either were laughing so hard or crying.
we have the best memories. like sneaking out and walking
in -10923847 degree weather just to go visit a couple people, at 3
in the morning. & the inside jokes of course that go along with them
things between us will never change. we will always be
best friends


  1. I know wat day yur talking about Hint hint wink wink i know it was actually that cold out LMAO