Sunday, February 8, 2009

the one.

at one point in every girls life, there's an amazing boy that comes. i met him. it doesn't matter where i met him, or where he lives. just know that we have the strongest feelings for each other. its been about 8 months now that we've been talking. having the kind of relationship that we do, i know that he loves me for me & not for the things i could do to him or with him. and that's the most important thing that i care about. yes we get into a lot of arguments & sometimes we cant stand each other but pretty soon, he'll be leaving me & going overseas. so i'm trying to make the best of us until he leaves. the night he told me that he was leaving, that's when i realized i was really in love with him. my heart dropped to my knees when he said the words. i immediately started crying & i couldn't speak. i started crying even more when i heard sniffles coming from the other side of the phone. i never felt any kind of emotion like that ever before in my life. i really do love him for who he is & not for all he has. that's what makes me different from all the other girls. i don't want his money, his cars, his clothes,or his sex. materialistic things will come and go. but love stays forever. -- not done but it will do.

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  1. Well if thats how yu feel about him i understand